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Why We Serve?

Some questions unfortunately have no answers! Some choose to make a difference in the world because they feel the world needs to be changed. The human heart in its fragile yet purest place yearns for a transformational awakening to ease the suffering around the world. When we work together in active service, we trigger a voice deep within the recess of the heart that eases the burden laid upon the planet.


Something beautiful awakens in the receiver when we give. But the greatest gift in the act of service is rewarded to the giver. Without measure or words to describe what can only be felt, a giving heart is blessed and kissed by our God. A natural union exists in gentle harmony between the giver and receiver, which creates an infinite loop.


Greed, ego, small-minded behavior, and the like all find they have no room in the heart of the servant who has come to give. Much of the problems existing today in the world are grounded in the morality that believes one man or woman has a superior right to another. Some come to serve to change this in their own heart.


Infinite love and gratitude are perhaps the highest calling for which we come to serve; and filling the cup of another blossoms these attributes. Renewing our connection to our brothers and sisters in distant lands reminds us of our fragile lives and the unique opportunity afforded with each spirited breath. When we see our lives intrinsically tied to the lives of others, as if the whole of humanity is one unit, then the most natural thing we are compelled to do is help one another.


Although many questions remain, we have learned because those who we serve have been our teachers. Our teachers have helped us learn the power of serving to heal, transform, and remove barriers. They have lead us to understand our greatest journey is the discovery of our souls. The soul knows no color, race, tribe, or socioeconomic place. The soul knows the ultimate truth! God loves us all and he desires our shared love with one another. A giving heart makes God smile.

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