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Who’s Your Wilson?


In the movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks imaginary friend, Wilson, provided comfort and friendship in the midst of his life threatening crisis.  Though, Wilson never spoke a word, breathed a single breath, or reflected any emotion.  So what does this say about our need to be heard?  What does it say about our need to be connected to one another and to not be alone?  As well, is there something to take away from the friendship Wilson provided Tom Hanks and how we are the creators or our destiny.

Man is unique in our need to be loved and cared for in the most nurturing and special ways.  Among the mammals in the animal kingdom, few harbor the need or desire to nurture and as a result this one need speaks to the importance of ‘why’ we have been able to thrive and exist for billions of years.  It’s our need and ability to connect with others that has created partnership and collaboration to build an ongoing narrative of possibility.

As we have evolved our need to connect drives us to seek one another and find love, companionship, and understanding.  As Hanks discovered when he was lost on the uninhabited island, it can be scary and very lonely without a friend to help you make it through the stormy nights of life.  Hope can be lost but having a friend, even if it is an imaginary friend we make up in our head and we are merely talking to our self, can calm those fears and bring peace.

I’ve heard it said that if you can count on one hand with your five fingers the number of close friends you can count on at the end of your life, you’ve probably had a successful life story.  What’s important to take away from that thought is to recognize it the midst of our drive to collect things, race to appointments, and ‘get it done’, our relationships are ultimately what matters the most in the twilight of our life.

Today begin to consider how you measure your success.  Are you basing your wealth on money, homes, cars, and possessions? Or are you taking a more holistic view of your life and basing your wealth on your friendships and the connection you have to community?

As we have detailed in Wavers & Beggars, it is our desire to wave at one another and connect and be seen that is powerful human desire.  The wave and the need to connect is the same in North America, Africa, India, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia.  It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, the language spoken, or the religion you follow, we all need one another to survive.

Who can you count on today?  Who is your Wilson?

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