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What separates the children around the world?


Graduation from high school and college is a joyous experience and tremendous effort goes toward the ultimate accomplishment to receive a diploma for the academic excellence a student places before him.  However, not all children all given the ability or the opportunity to have an education.  Over half the children living today will struggle to even survive, let alone receive an education.  Yes, it’s true over one billion children today (one out of every two alive) lives in a family earning less than $1/day.  Education is unattainable and there is litte or no opportunity.

Working with children around the world we have discovered the single most important ingredient for children to have while they await the opportunity that may come from outside powers and assistance is HOPE.  HOPE is the the only thing some of them will ever have to cling on to while they wait.  Education can’t wait!  We have all the resources to educate our children around the world and there is no reason we cannot do it NOW!

Dreamweaver International is answering the call in Kenya as we begin using tablet computers in remote areas where little or no resources exist.

To learn more visit our webstie:

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