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Wavers & Beggars


What Does His Wave Say to You?

If you were traveling along a dusty road in East Africa and you saw this friendly, happy boy waving at you as you drove by, what would you think about his life?  Would you recognize his smile is pure?  Would you see his eyes are caring?  Would you be inspired by his circumstance knowing that despite the poverty that resides around him, he still smiles and waves at you?  So many thoughts, feelings, and assumptions can be forged in the brief moments of a friendly wave between two people who have never met and probably will never know one another other than to have waved to one another.

The wave is a universal sign recognized around the world as a greeting.  Whether you live in the United States, Kenya, Haiti, or Spain, when you and I wave and a stranger waves back, we are speaking a common language that connects us.  But have you ever considered a deeper meaning to the wave?  As well, have you considered another common gesture that  is used around the world, the cupped hand of a beggar?  What does this gesture have to tell the world about the child or desperate mama who has to beg today for food or a few coins to buy food?  How do you and I react to the beggar? What feelings come?  Am I trusting the intentions of the beggar and am I going to give something today to help him/her out?  So many ideas and judgments can flow from the briefest of interactions and observations of a beggar.  Once again, a universal hand gesture known around the world has a gift to teach and connecting the waver and the beggar is the vision for the new book coming this Summer, Wavers & Beggars.

Wavers & Beggars is a deep and meaningful journey of discovery for you to examine these two metaphors and how they show up in humanity.  Recognizing within every man and woman is a waver and a beggar is the beginning to changing the desperate circumstances of so many people who are suffering.  I have discovered in my own life, I am a waver and a beggar.  Discovering this truth and how I have begged at times in my life for acceptance, things, God’s intercession, and help, provides a connection for me to the beggar alongside the road anywhere in the world.  As well, my recognition of my own frail humanity gives me the desire to do something for them.  Wavers & Beggars is only a part of the ‘do something’ I want to offer as my gift and help to improve the lives of the suffering people of the world.

For more information about Wavers & Beggars (Published by Westbow) contact Dr. Warren Bruhl:

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