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The U.S. Census Holds the Key to Ending Racial Hatred in America


Read this article before reading my blog today.

The US Census is Looking to Change

In our new book Wavers & Beggars, we discuss the role that labels play as dividers and the need to paradoxically have them so we can identify with a group of people. When we feel we belong to a group, we gain identity and security. However, the racial problems that are threatening to derail law enforcement and create catastrophic riots has it’s origin in a one of the earliest and most frequent reminders, we don’t all feel connected with one another in America. Instead of simply checking a box on a census that says AMERICAN, the complicated dividing of America cuts through our connected identity and makes Americans become pieces of a pie. The end result is dis-unity, dis-harmony, dis-eased thinking, dis-asterous consequences.

The time has come to simplify this complicated part of American identity and simply place the word AMERICAN in the box if you have an AMERICAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE. If you want to discuss the amount of melanin in a person’s skin as a way of socially identifying the characteristic of that person, USE:

BROWN 1 – darker tanned skin,

BROWN -2 – medium brown toned skin, AND

BROWN 3 – darker brown toned skin

WHITE 1 – very fair toned skin,

WHITE 2 – moderately fair toned skin,

WHITE 3 – tanned skin and

Moving away from ethnicity to simplicity and helping everyone to identifty as AMERICAN would move our country toward equality within 2-4 decades as young children are raised in a society that no longer divides but instead connects.

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