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Sport is the international language

Dating back centuries man has used sport as a way to divert, entertain, amuse, and strengthen his body and mind.  As early as 700 BC, the Greeks would come together to compete and assert their strengths and dominance in the games.  The games were often used as a means to further display art, music, announce new discovery, and provide political commentary.

Today, the Olympics and other international games are organized annually for some competitions and the Olympics and the World Cup take place once every four years.  Though competitors often do not speak one another’s language, they are still able to compete and develop lasting friendships with one another.  Why?

You don’t have to speak the same language to use your foot to kick a soccer ball or jump in a pool and swim as fast as you can side by side to have a relationship built around healthy competition.  Sport is a connector, a bonding tool for humanity.  

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