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She Still Had Music in Her Soul

This weekend, I saw an unfortunate and all too common occurence, a valuable resource was tossed out and left for the garbage man to pick up.  As I drove up to the church where  this piano had been pushed outside by the dumpster, a pang of regret and hurt came to my heart.  I wondered why this grand piano had been thrown away and what logic had been used to consider simply rolling it outside  where it could now be rained on and ruined?  Was an attempt made to repair it?  Was it offerred to a school or anyone who could possibly use it?  Thoughts bombarded my mind as I also considered the thousands of souls who’s lives had been saved while listening to this piano in church.  How many people had come to know Jesus? How many people had cried, laughed, celebrated as the keys of this piano were masterfully played?

How many more songs still wanted to come out of this piano even as it sat there by the dumpster?  

I asked several of the musicians in between services if they knew anything about this piano and why it had been thrown out?  No one seemed to know but they all agreed it was ashame it was not offerred for use to another facility.  Moreover, they agreed with me that in throwing it out, at least a proper acknowledgement and blessing should have come to thank the piano for it’s music and gifts it provided.  I know this sounds a bit hokey!  But seriously, when an instrument has been so important to have served and helped save souls, doesn’t it deserve a proper burial?  In many ways, the acknowledgment is not for the piano but for US! It’s an acknowlegment of resource and hope.  It’s an opportunity to appreciate God for what He has given us and to also demonstrate how we care for His good gifts.  Unfortunately, I know the people who probably decided to roll this piano out to the dumpster didn’t mean any malice or harm by this act.  They saw only one way to handle the situation-throw it away!

This is a symptom of our culture and our world in many ways.  We have lost the regard for our use of God’s resources and are now in a time when our consumption globally is outstripping our ability to replace the resources we are burning, cutting, and polluting.  Our appreciation and carefulness has slipped and one has to wonder how this planet will look in the next century?

Will there still be green lush forest to cool the earth and provide life giving oxygen for the mammals?  Will the seas still be dark blue and waves crash onto the shore with only the sand and shells of the marine life?  Or will there be pollutants in every crashing wave?  Will there still be fossil fuels to burn or a safe alternative that provides transportation by plane, car, truck, train, boat, or bus?

We wonder what song are our resources singing today?  What song do they sing when we waste them and what song will they sing tomorrow if any song?  

As we consider a thoughtful shift in consciousness, I suggest asking the question,

“Because I can use this, do this, purchase this etc, does it mean I should?”  

At the very least ask the question, consider the need you have and then make an informed and conscious choice.  If we begin to ask more questions and consider thoughtfully our use of God’s gifts, like our resources, I know we can be happier and more connected to God.

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