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Dreamweaver Still Helping the Needed Become the Needed

Kenya and other nations of Africa have been dessimated by the Pandemic and Dreamweaver remains steadfast in a commitment to help our brother and sisters in Kenya and other nations of the world through our projects.  Now more than ever it is important to understand the deeper underpinnings that drive economies and help solve the social challenges around the world.

In some locations where there is little or no rainfall, one of the simplest ways to impact people and give them more economic opportunity is through fresh water.  Fresh water provides sanitary options reducing disease.  It helps them grow crops and gives their animals drinking water.  The local communities have enough water to live and this one solution can help drive economic transformation.

In other cases, if there are limited education resources, providing teachers, books, and materials to help improve literacy, knowledge, and ability, leads to more opportunities.  In this context, when individuals are encouraged and have a valid path to determine their value, what they are needed for, to do for the community, they thrive.  Often, though this is not the case in many charitable endeavors.  If people are not motivated and led to operate their own lives, empowered to be independent of paternal influences, dependency is the byproduct.  Unfortunately, a great deal of charity does end up creating dependent relationships, not autonomous inspired people.

We are still employing people, working on our education, healthcare, and compassion projects around the world.  We will continue to work to inspire change and help people see their value so they may realize their greatness.

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