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  • Over 200 pieces of baseball equipment were provided to children in the Dominican Republic for active play in the region of Santa Domingo.

  • Over 1000 pieces of baseball equipment and uniform pieces were provided to the Dominican Republic for active play in the region of Puerta Plata

  • Provided equipment for 500 children in the Kimana Rift Valley of Kenya. Equipment provided included baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, clothing, hats, and jerseys.

  • Gear for Goals has partnered with local organization Working Together to provide Taekwondo equipment for the students who have had only two pieces of sparring gear for nearly three years. With G4G's efforts, Working Together now has enough for each of the children to use and actively participate to improve their skills and confidence. Working Together is a local organization of the North Shore of Chicago that provides resources and classes to Hispanic children and families through a powerful cooperative effort. To learn more about Working Together visit these recent articles in the Chicago Tribune.

  • Over 250 pieces of sport equipment will be delivered to the Dominican Republic through one of associate organizations. Equipment will be given to children in Santa Domingo and surrounding rural communities.

  • Gear for Goals provided our compassion associate, Mr. Dan Borris, with equipment for children in Cuba. Mr. Borris is one of many caring people who choose to carry along extra equipment to give generously to children in need. The compassionate associate program provides friends of G4G with sports gear to hand out to children in schools, orphanages, or in the streets. For information about how you can become a compassionate associate, contact our board of directors via email from our contact page.

  • Gear for Goals (G4G) partnered with new compassion partners, Gift in Kind and Bright Hope to send sports equipment to Bolivia for children's play. Gift in Kind and Bright Hope provided over 20,000 pounds of needed resources in a large shipment container and now G4G will become a regular partner providing equipment later in the year to the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Costa Rica.

  • Gear for Goals was proud to host a mega gear drive with the Schaumburg Boomers Baseball organization in Schaumburg, Illinois. The G4G volunteer team worked with fans to collect over 1000 pieces of invaluable sports items for our children we serve. G4G also hosted a flash mob during the seventh inning stretch. Watch the video and enjoy.

  • We also provided over 500 pieces of sports gear to children in Bolivia through our Compassion Partner Gift in Kind

  • Gear for Goals Compassion Associate Mr. Larry Heller and his team traveled to Russia to provide hope and opportunity to children. Children were able to learn the game of baseball and other sports for the first time. Individual instruction was provided so children could really begin to play and enjoy baseball and other sports. Many of these children live in orphanages and the time and sports gear make them feel valued and special.

  • Compassion Associate Ms. Charlotte Austin provided Gear for Goals equipment to children in an orphanage she volunteers for in Guatemala. Children loved playing with the new gear and experienced a completely new level of sport, hope, and enjoyment.

  • Our Compassion Partner Gift in Kind and Willow Creek Church traveled to serve in Guatemala and we provided sports equipment for over 500 children in the tiny hill villages to play and enjoy sport. Children were provided with the first opportunity to play the game of baseball in this region and now are enjoying the game and love the competition and learning sport offers.

  • G4G Bringing Joy to El Salvador with Gift in Kind Partners Gear for Goals team loaded a 14,000 pound container heading for El Salvador holding sports gear, playground equipment, school desks, medical equipment, and other vital items needed. When the container arrives trained and skilled teams will unpack and disseminate these valuable resources to the families and children in need. Sports gear items will be used immediately once they are unpacked and put in the hands of the children.

  • G4G Sports returns to Kenya and introduces "One Gives One" During our December 2013 mission to Kenya we were pleased to welcome Mr. Austin Bruhl, Mr. Todd Love Ball Jr., and Dr. Jeff Kahrs to come alongside our strong teams of doctors and educators who traveled to Kenya to serve the needs of the under-resourced in the Kimana Rift Valley. Visiting schools, villages, and community centers in this region we provided sports equipment including jump ropes, Frisbees, soccer balls, footballs, baseball mitts and bats, hats, uniforms, cleats, and other vital equipment for the thousands of children who live in this region.

  • In addition we secured land to build the first baseball field in the area, Mt. Kilimanjaro Baseball Field. More good news also came from officials in Nairobi and Meru regarding Little League Baseball and Major League Baseball interest in this region of East Africa. Officials from Little League and Major League Baseball have intense interest in developing young talent in this area and we were invited to send a local Kenyan representative to Uganda to study with Major League Baseball coaches and Little League Officials. In addition, Gear for Goals provided equipment for Kenya Little League and several other organizations in distant villages of Kenya to further extend the reach of impact in the area.

  • The "One Gives One" campaign was a giant success with children receiving G4G soccer balls and baseballs. The G4G soccer balls feature the words SPORT, HOPE, and OPPORTUNITY to signify the tremendous role sport has in creating hope around the world among the most under-resourced children. Our G4G sports items are available for purchase.

  • G4G provided resources for over 500 children during our recent visit. Equipment which remains on the campus of Kimana School of Leadership will further augment the constructive learning for many more children.

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