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Our Directors are dedicated to service and global transformation. 


Meet Our Directors

Mr. Ken Taylor has resided in Kenya for thirty years and has a degree in theology through the Shiloh Institute in Hamilton, Montana. Prior to moving to Kenya, Mr. Taylor successfully ran a large cement contract company in Carson City, Nevada. Mr. Taylor's company was responsible for the planning and development of road systems, curb, gutter, and housing foundations. Mr. Taylor has gained extensive experience in the country of Kenya while building small community churches, schools, and the construction of a ten-acre campus devoted to advanced education and medical care. Mr. Taylor has been married to Sandra Taylor since 1985. He has five children and seven grandchildren.

Mr. Kenneth Taylor


Dr. Warren Bruhl is the executive director for Dreamweaver International (501c3) and the author of Wavers and Beggars.  He is a dynamic educator and humanitarian focusing his work on Helping the Needy become the Needed globally. 


Retiring from a successful chiropractic practice in 2011, he has traveled extensively in Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Guatemala.  Dr. Bruhl oversees the EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, and COMPASSION work of Dreamweaver.  Prior to leaving full time practice to pursue his non-profit work, Dr. Bruhl had a highly successful chiropractic pediatric and family practice for 25 years. 


Dr. Bruhl has appeared on ABC News and made numerous television and radio appearances.  Dr. Bruhl has authored two books and is professional pilot and aviation educator.  When asked by people what do you do, Dr. Bruhl’s answer is simply, “ I am a social change engineer!” and consider myself a "citizen of the world"!

Dr. Warren Bruhl



John Redmond is a passionate leader, retired from the federal government in September 2015 after 27 years in federal law enforcement.  Over the course of his career John worked as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Department of State, and most recently the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, FDA Office of Criminal Investigations, Chicago Field Office, where he retired as the Special Agent in Charge.  He has had the opportunity to travel the world throughout his career and has witnessed the effects of poverty first hand.  He became a supporter of Dreamweaver International’s Gear4Goals (G4G) project in 2014 after his son sponsored a gear drive for his 11th birthday.  John has coached several of his son’s teams in the Northbrook Park District.   John and his family maintain an active lifestyle with an emphasis on fitness and nutrition.

John Redmond


Todd Love Ball Jr.

Todd is a passionate leader who has worked with Dreamweaver since 2013 and serves as a community developer for our Kenya programs. Along with his wife, Kasia, and his two children, Todd has a desire to help people around the world understand the challenges of poverty. He also hopes to have a significant impact on ending poverty and inequalities around the world. Todd is the author of two books, North Shore Confessions and Love Against Society.  He is also co-author of Wavers & Beggars with Dr. Warren Bruhl, Dreamweaver’s Executive Director. Todd has a gift for reaching the youth with his enthusiasm and sports coaching. He is a regular speaker at schools and community events promoting divirsity and the betterment of people’s lives.


Chris Gantz is a seriel entrepreneur currently CEO of Uvavu, and outdoor athletic tech gear company.  Chris holds numerous US patents and his products have been featured on NBC's Today Show, as well as having been awarded Product Innovation Awards at the Consumer Electronics Association (CES) show.  Chris has traveled extensively in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East in business, governmental, and charitable capacities.  Chris has and in-depth understanding of global culture and challenges facing developing nations.  Chris has worked as a hands-on board member for several charities over the past decade and remains committed to helping create positive, lasting changes in the lives of others.  Chris lives in suburban Chicago and is active in the outdoors, engaged in camping, hiking, and exploring off the beaten path.  Chris is very involved in visual and acoustic arts and was a key contributor and cofounder of a Chicago area fine arts festival. 

Chris Gantz


Tracey Steele is a dynamic global facilitator of inspirational messaging and impactful change for the world. Prior to volunteering with Dreamweaver, Tracey worked for the Cook County Sheriff’s office in Special Events, leading teams of employees from the Sheriff’s office, in local Chicago charity events.  Among the events she marshalled include The Polar Plunge and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.  Organizational expertise and creating ebullient joy are among her many gifts to the world.  One of her passions is flying and inspiring people to enjoy the gifts of the sky.  She holds the esteem talent of wing walking on the wings of war era bi-planes and plans to fly in the Chicago Air and Water Show and other shows in the Midwest.  Her ongoing passion of serving humanity include ending period poverty and illiteracy.  She continues to volunteer locally and internationally and is available for consulting with charities and other agencies to help organize special events.  She can be reached at  

Tracey Steele


David Labunski is a Chicago real estate professional, providing expertise and services for over 35 years.  David leads his team of real estate professionals through the rigors of property managements, representation, and the development of a myriad of property types.  David has a passion for service, having volunteered locally to serve with a number of charities and provide youth coaching.  

David Labunski

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