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March of Faith


John and Pelita met in the Philippines.  Together they held their first small evangelistic meeting, in front of Pelitas' home, in Manila.  About 200 people showed up, ranging in ages from 3 to 73. John preached a simple salvation message, as Pelitas' sister in law, Lisa, interpreted into Tagalog.  Almost all accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Together they handed out food bags to bless and feed the people.


They went to Palompon Leyte, Pelitas' home town, and held a similar meeting in front of her parent's home.  They had very similar results.  John was advised by his mentor, Fubara Ibama, to seek spreading the Gospel in the Philippines with that simple plan.  Feed the hungry people, and preach the Word of God.


They married in June of 2014, and then John retired from his lumber business, to pursue their vision to live and minister in the Philippines.  They formed a ministry named Harvest Time Missions, and are currently working with March Of Faith church in Polompon, building a new facility that will host future Sunday services for March Of Faith, and Harvest Time Missions.  Together, both ministries will work with all of the churches in that community to bless the entire area.  Feeding the poor is not only commanded by God, but is necessary to help draw in the people to hear God's  Word.

A message from John...

Pelita and I are actively financing a new church building in Polompon, Leyta, Philippines.  This is a small town, in Philippines standards, right on the water of the Pacific.  Pelita grew up there, and we will return at some point to live.  Pelitas' parents and siblings attend a church there.  This new facility will be a first class home for the Lord, and His children.


It will be able to seat about 200 people comfortably, and will be constructed to withstand typhoons, common in the Philippines.  It will also have a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment above.


The name of the church will be March Of Faith. Pastor Elizabeth Sumalinog, the pastor, along with her congregation, will be in ownership, and maintenance of the new church.


It will also serve as an outreach center for our (Pelita and myself) mission work.  The name is Harvest Time Missions.  We will be actively feeding the poor, and preaching a simple Gospel message on a regular basis and other outreach work.


The church will be completed in April 2017.


Everyone is so excited.  Please keep this missions work in your prayers.  We know God will bless this opportunity, with favor, and grace.  Our hope is that it will bless the entire community of Polompon, and surrounding areas.

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