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Volunteering with Dreamweaver



KENYA VOLUNTEER APPLICATION TO SERVE - Click on this link to download

KENYA PACKING LIST FOR VOLUNTEERS - Click on this link to download


When you make a commitment to help another person, you’re help demonstrates your care and love for others. What we have learned and continue to experience when volunteers come and serve with us, they are changed forever. When you see the way people manage and struggle in their daily lives, but still courageously continue wanting to work toward a better life, it’s inspiring. Though we see volunteering as a beginning to change not only for the ones we work with but also ourselves and you will discover the same will be true for you.


There are many ways to volunteer with Dreamweaver, serving abroad in Kenya, or locally in the Chicagoland area or Central Florida. Based in Chicago, Dr. Warren Bruhl, one of the Dreamweaver directors, provides volunteer opportunities for people to help with our Gear 4 Goals sports project.  Whether it’s collecting sports equipment, loading containers with equipment and other needed items for under resourced countries, or fund raising, there are many ways you can make a difference as a volunteer.


Several times a year, we host volunteer trips to Kenya to serve with our school, provide chiropractic and medical help, mentor young people and women, assist in building and farming projects, and work toward creating sustainable projects that will enable our friends in Kenya to be self sustaining. More about these trips can learned by clicking on this link.



We also provide opportunities for students to come and serve as interns at our school and with our sports programs including our highly successful Mt. Kilimanjaro Little League - Click on this link to see a video about this program




For local volunteer work in Chicago area, there are no formal applications to fill out.  However, anyone interested in coming on our Kenya African Trips must fill out this application and send if via PDF to Dr. Warren Bruhl at




Additional items required for volunteers coming to Kenya


1. A copy of passport

2. A copy of professional medical/chiropractic/other doctoral degree if you have it

3. A copy of drivers license/resident card


WHAT TO PACK - Click on this Link

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