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Every child in the world should have the opportunity to play, compete, and enjoy sports.

Gear4Goals Vision

Our vision is to see every child in the world have the opportunity to play, compete, and enjoy sport through equal access to all the necessary equipment and instruction. Hope and possibility, flourishing community, transformed economies, inspired health, and lasting impact are the global imprint of our service.

Gear4Goals Mission

Our mission is to provide every child the enjoyment, passion, and love of sport.


Gear4Goals is a unique program designed to align the need for sport and equipment with the children who require the most attention and resource. Our efforts are directed through community locally to gather new and gently used sports equipment from youth, families, sports organizations, schools, teams, and professional organizations. Our needs for equipment are across all spectrum of sport and include equipment, monetary donation, and coaching skill.


The transportation and delivery of sports equipment can require financial assistance to fund shipping or freight transport via airline. On some of our mission trips, we carry the freight on the air carrier along with our teams. On other occasions, the equipment is sent via the necessary air, water, rail, or truck freight mechanisms with on-ground representatives accessing the equipment and distributing to the teams, schools, and organizations in greatest need.





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We also provide opportunities for students to come and serve as interns at our school and with our sports programs including our highly successful Mt. Kilimanjaro Little League.

Glenbrook Sports Academy

Northbrook, IL

If you are interested in helping out, click here for resource material.

Gear 4 Goals Makes an Impact

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