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Dr. Warren Bruhl is a board certified chiropractic pediatric specialists and member of the Illinois Chiropractic Society and International Chiropractors Association. Dr. Bruhl is a founding member of the ICA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics. Dr. Bruhl has been involved in clinical practice and leadership within the chiropractic profession for over 28 years. Dr. Bruhl has been involved in the development of many successful health care businesses including building and leading one of the largest chiropractic practices on the North Shore of Chicago. While in full time practice, Dr. Bruhl authored the Chiropractors Exercise Manual and made numerous appearances on network and cable television. Dr. Bruhl has also been featured in numerous publications and media articles highlighting his work in healthcare and charitable work. In 2011, Dr. Bruhl left full time practice to pursue and develop an international charity. Dr. Bruhl, along with his team created Dreamweaver International, a charity with offices in Chicago and Kenya. While Dr. Bruhl is one of the key leaders in this charity, he has also been the strategist and leader of Gear for Goals (G4G), a humanitarian project of Dreamweaver International. Dr. Bruhl has an extensive back round in coaching youth sports and working with young people. In addition, Dr. Bruhl has coached and mentored business professionals and men through a program called the Mankind Project. Dr. Bruhl has three children and has been married for 27 years.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in multi-national companies. Chris's business travels have provided him the opportunity to experience a broad range of cultures and businesses in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Chris's expertise is in developing global channels of distribution for both B2B and B2C products, and he is currently involved with several internet and consumer products companies. Chris has a passion for new product ideation and drives engineering and marketing types crazy with his ideas. Chris holds multiple US and international patents and his products have been featured on NBC's Today Show. Chris lives in suburban Chicago and is actively involved in the arts, outdoor sports, and is committed to contributing his energies to making a positive and lasting impact in the lives of children and families in Africa.

David S. Labunski has been involved with little league baseball at all levels since 2003. Most recently, he served as head coach through the Highwood Braves organization maintaining a leadership here over a five-year span. He currently serves on the board of directors of Glenbrook North Jr. Spartan football and volunteers as a football coach. David is also on the board of the Central Suburban Youth Football League. David is a member and past vice president of the Lincoln Park Builders of Chicago. He has been a member of the National Association of Realtors for the past 23 years and has run one of the most successful real estate firms in Chicago. David is married to Elyse and has two sons, Brandon and Ryan.

Jamie works at Chiro One Wellness Centers as a regional manager for the Customer Engagement Team. This is where Jamie thrives with learning to give back to her community through education and service. Through her service, she has had the privilege to work with Chiromission providing assistance in the care of patients and working with Gear for Goals in sports equipment distribution. Jamie studied at the University of Illinois at Chicago and moved into a career in marketing. Jamie grew up playing sports including softball, volleyball, basketball, and anything kids played in her neighborhood. Her love of children and sports have further lead her to coach youth sports and she plays in a local softball league through her recreation center. Jamie has further extended her volunteer efforts toward tutoring children at her church and in youth clubs. Jamie is married to Dan Niemann and they live in Arlington Heights, Illinois with their two teenage boys. She continues to enjoy all aspects of sports and loves watching her children play and providing cheerleading toward their successful endeavors.

Dan Niemann is in law enforcement in the city of Des Plaines, Illinois. He currently resides in Arlington Heights, Illinois and is married to Jamie Niemann and they have two teenage boys. Dan is studying criminal Justine at Harper Community College. Dan has been in law enforcement for over 23 years. In his work, he has had numerous opportunities to volunteer with children including teaching sports involvement in the Youth Club of Des Plaines. He has also enjoyed the opportunity to work with Operation Polar Express helping terminally ill children. Dan's heart for service has extended further to work with Chiromission in the Dominican Republic, where he served in a voluntary capacity working with adults and children. Dan is an avid baseball fan and enjoys watching, coaching, and playing. His love for the game is shared by his oldest son who pitches on a local high school team. Dan's love of sports and baseball has been the most significant reason he has dedicated himself to Gear for Goals (G4G). He shares a passion for bringing sport to every child in the world.

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