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Dreamweaver is 501C3 charity and recognizes there are needs for humanity throughout the world. We seek to provide assistance to those who are in the most need with the least amount of resources available. We recognize there is a calling by God to serve people in many ways. Some of our projects can include helping a community to build a new school. In some cases we have aided the building of a house of worship for a town where none stood before. Our efforts have provided care in the Rift Valley of Kenya for more than twenty years.


In the early period of our work in Kenya the majority of our focus was to provide the message of God's love for his people and help them gain access to improved living standards. In some cases, we provided food, water, assistance with shelter, jobs, education, training, and health care. Other times, we were a resource of care that people of the region knew they could count on for assisting their need. Countless efforts have been successful in improving the lives of the local Maasai of this region through the work of Dreamweaver.


We are thankful we have this opportunity to serve these communities.


As our outreach has expanded, we have found other needs in areas of the world including the Dominican Republic, Russia, and the United States. Our directors and leaders are continually seeking places where we may spread our wings of care and give comfort and rest to weary people. Our Gear for Goals project has been instrumental in providing sports equipment to thousands of children already and continues to develop. It is our belief that when children are given the opportunity to know sport in their lives, renewed hope and purpose is stirred in the soul of a child. Hope is often the only thing a child can cling to when he does not know from where his next drink of water may come or his next meal. Although, we must continue to work to bring the necessities of life to our neediest, we must also not forget their souls, their hearts, and their need for hope.


Hope is nurtured through faith and the practice of providing opportunity. Sport and the arts, which are the foundation of Gear for Goals, provide the hope a child needs to live on and smile. When we hand a child a baseball mitt or a soccer ball and he now has something to play with, a spark of joy is ignited. It's magical! Humanitarian work is a multifaceted work that requires a comprehensive view of care and Dreamweaver is committed to this task. For this reason, we want to provide tools and resources for our recipients. Education, healthcare, and humanitarian efforts combined in a sector approach that addresses the complete needs of a community and not only one need.


Dreamweaver is also interested in ongoing partnering with other charitable interests throughout the world. We recognize the problems we face internationally cannot be solved through individual effort, but will require individuals to join hands collectively and form a strong union of love and compassion for those who cannot care for their own.


Dreamweaver providing probiotics and water to thirsty children during a 2012 medical bush clinic. These children had gone two days without any water prior to our team arriving and serving this village.


Dreamweaver has provided humanitarian aid to this village for over five years. Medical, chiropractic, education, and basic human essentials have been provided. Here one of our team members in our 2012 bush medical clinics provides water to thirsty children who had not had any water to drink for two days because of conflicts with the Kenyan Park Service.


Dreamweaver helped this 14 year old young woman to safety and engaged action to bring her to a local hospital following a brutal beating by her local tribe. She had been betrothed in marriage to an older man as a fourth wife and had refused marriage. As a result, she was severely beaten for her defiance. This picture is taken nearly two months after the incident. Her scars are so profoundly deep that the color and pigment from her skin has completely been destroyed.


Dreamweaver aided this village in the construction of their church so they had a strong and powerful house of worship. In addition, this church has provided shelter for ongoing medical clinics which Dreamweaver and other organizations provide. Their worship is lively and spirited. Here worship and song fuse with elaborate jumping and chanting.

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