Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital


Mount Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital is dedicated to continue the healing ministry of Christ.


Mount Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital is committed to:


•providing quality health care to the community regardless of economic status, tribe, or religion


•providing excellent medical care in a safe environment, free of corruption and discrimination


•participating in the education of community health care workers


•expansion of services to meet the medical needs of the growing community.


KMH Progress Updates

KMH will be one of the most modern and fully equipped hospitals in the Kimana Rift Valley.

Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital will serve patients for 250 square miles and will service more than half a million people who are in dire need of proper medical care.


Funds are still needed to execute our dream of providing this hospital to the many patients who will benefit.


Your generous contributions are welcome.

Dr. Smith returned to Kimana, Kenya in October 2015 and spent two weeks finishing the pillars for the waiting area of the hospital and constructing the restroom facilities. We are continuing to raise funds for the construction of KMH.  We need to raise $4000.00 US dollars to construct the roof of the waiting area.

This year, 2015, the official approval for construction was finalized and in July a volunteer team traveled to Kimana, Kenya and began construction on the hospital foundation. During this trip, they also had a medical team visiting and providing care to some of the remote villages in the area.


In 2013-14 architectural plans and official permits to build KMH were submitted.

The hospital's deep well was completed and the water tower was erected. The foundations for the staff buildings were completed.

We had several KMH mobile health clinics, providing desperately needed medical care to thousands of patients.

Artists renditions of the Mount Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital

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