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Biking for a Higher Mission is a bicycle fund raiser.  We are raising money to build Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital in the rural, yet quickly growing, area of Kimana, Kenya.

Our first ride began in May of 2014.  We rode our bicycles across central Florida, from Flagler Beach to Cedar Key over Memorial Day weekend.  We look forward to our next Memorial Day weekend ride and as we gain more riders, we hope to add more rides.


We would love to have you join us on our next ride. Please send all inquiries to

How long and far is the ride?


The Memorial Day weekend ride is three days long, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We ride roughly a total of 180 miles.  Each day is about 65 miles with the last day being around 50 miles.


Do you have a support vehicle?


Yes. We have a 10 person van and trailer which carries all our gear and supplies. The van makes a pit stop about every 20 miles for a chance to refill your water and grab a snack. If you need to stop riding your bicycle for any reason, you are welcome to ride in the van.


What if the weather is bad?


The ride will go on rain or shine.  If at any time a rider is uncomfortable with the weather conditions, they are welcome to ride in the support vehicle.


What kind of accommodations are there?


We will be camping at two very nice campgrounds. Each campground does have indoor bathrooms and showers.  You will need to provide your own tent.


What can we do if we don't want to ride, but would like to help?


We are raising money to build a hospital. Monetary donations are appreciated. You can send a tax deductible donation to Dreamweaver International in care of KMH, by clicking on the Ways to Help tab above.


I don't have a bike, but I would like to participate.


Contact your local bike shop to see if they provide rentals. We do have a bike shop in Ormond Beach which rents bikes.


Is the ride on a bike trail?


The ride is partly on a bike trail and partly on the road (see map below). Again we ask that all riders ride at their own comfort level. At any time you wish to ride in the support vehicle, you are welcome.


Do you have other rides to participate in?


At this time we only have the Memorial Day Weekend ride. We would like to add more rides if we have the interest from riders.


How much money do we need to raise?


We ask that all riders raise $300. 100% of money raised goes directly to building KMH.


How much of the money raised will go towards the hospital?


100% of money raised goes directly to building KMH.


How do I sign up for the ride?


To sign up for the ride, please email us at




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